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Dedicated server panel

Dedicated server panel

The following is an explanation of the functions of our management interface for dedicated servers.

The management interface can be accessed using the following link:


The dashboard displays basic information.


Customers - fellow users

Under "Collaborators," you can create additional users who will have access to the panel and your dedicated server.

Explanation of the icons:

Eye: Switch to user view to see what the user sees. 

Pencil: Edit the user and lock their login. 

Key: Reset the user's password. 

Lock: Edit user permissions (add and remove). 

Hard drive: Restrict user access to the server. 

Trash can: Delete the user.


Rechenzentrum - Server

Under "Server," you can view and manage your dedicated server.

Pencil: Configure network card, hostname, domain, RAM, RAID, and root drive.

IPv4: View and configure your IPv4 addresses. You can request up to 5 IPv4 addresses from our support.

IPv6: View and configure your IPv6 addresses. You can add IPv6 addresses yourself.

PXE Boot: Configure PXE boot and choose an image.

Webresetter: Restart the dedicated server using the Webresetter/IPMI.

Traffic: View traffic diagrams for the last 24 hours, 30 days, or 365 days.