Prepaid system

Everything about the prepaid system and our payment methods

No contract terms

No fees

Prepaid only

With all available payment methods, you can top up your credit at any time without fees.
Thanks to our prepaid system, you can purchase services without contract terms.

What does prepaid mean?

With us there is no minimum contract term. If your service is not extended after the paid term, we will automatically block it. You will then have 7-14 days* to renew most products before they are completely deleted.

You can renew and reactivate expired but not yet deleted services at any time in the customer center.

If you have any questions about our prepaid system, you can contact us at any time via our support channels.

*After the term has expired, an extension can no longer be guaranteed. External services such as Domains can only be reactivated in a very limited extent once they have expired.