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This guide is mainly for our webspace packages which provides cronjob-support and is designed for the Plesk version of Onyx.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a Cronjob?

A cron job is a scheduled task which is derived from the cron daemon that means it allows you to perform certain tasks at specific times.
For many website operators, cronjobs have become indispensable.
These are used:
... to clean up database entries or out-of-date log files at specific times via a PHP script
... to update RSS feeds
... to send newsletters
... update pages or create backups of specific files or databases

Add a cronjob

To create a cron job in Plesk, navigate to the tab Scheduled Tasks via the web interface.
Once you are there, go on to Add task.
Here you have the opportunity to set your cronjob.

Please select now how the command should be sent. Select out of these:
perform command
retrieve URL
perform php script
Under perform command you have the possibility to perform a command in the style of a cronjob.
Under retrieve URL, you have the option of running a command outside of your web server using a unique URL. 
Under perform PHP script you have the possibility to perform a PHP script which you either have or have written yourself.

You will find the next option under perform. Plesk offers different variations to set the time.
From hourly which means it performs this task at a specific hour or minute or annually which means to have the ability to perform this task at a specific time of the year. As well you will find the option to perform the cron-style task.

Finally, there is the option of giving the task a certain description and as well you can adjust your notifications, which are obtained during the planned performance of the task in the web interface.