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Basics of the interface

All the basics about our interface

Here you can find some customer-based basics in Parallels Plesk.
Ater you login into the customerinterface, there a few information available.
If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support-team at anytime.


1. Websites & Domains
Here you have a great overview of all your domains. You can add your own subdomains as well as domain aliases. If you want to use a domain from another provider, please note that you have to hand of your domain to our servers.

2. E-Mail
Here you can manage your e-mail addresses of the domains.

3. Applications
You can install a website just with a few clicks on any platform you want. You can choose from three Content Management Systems (CMS). Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal. Alternatively, you can use an additional CMS, which you find directly under "all available applications".

4. Files
Files (called WebFTP) are a web-based way to access, edit, upload, and modify files on your server.

5. Databases
Under your menu item databases, you can manage the database-users and the databases at any time you want.

6. Statistics
Is you want to have an insight of your web server just visit the statistics, furthermore you can monitor the traffic and the storage space from here as well.

7. User
Under user you have the possibility to adapt the user accounts for several users as well as the roles. That means, it is assigned with which role you have which permissions.

8. Account
If you have alook at the account information, you will see that it contains general information about your webspace package. From the creation date to the backup.