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DNS Records for E-Mail services

Everything about DNS entries for email services

The following explains which DNS records you need to create for your domain with our web hosting and email-only packages.

Preparation Before you can create DNS entries for your email hosting, you need to add your domain to the package in the Plesk interface.

The basic records To send and receive emails with your hosting package, the following DNS entries are required (replace domain.tld with your domain).

MX Record

Name: domain.tld 

Type: MX 


Priority: 10 

Note: In the DNS editor, enter "Priority Value" (e.g., 10 in the Value field.


SPF Record

Name: domain.tld 

Type: TXT 

Value: "v=spf1 a mx ~all"


Webmail: If you want to use the webmail function, you also need to create the following entry.

Name: webmail.domain.tld 

Type: A 



Instructions for setting up your email account in an email program such as Outlook can be found in the manual under Mail Server Access.