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Everything about our domain transfer

If you want to transfer your domain to (domain transfer / provider change), you can select out of two options.


Important instruction:

A domain transfer may only be carried out by the domain owner or in case you are a company, by the person who is entitled to do so. For a domain transfer there is often an AuthCode/AuthInfo/EPP Code/etc needed. You will receive one if you ask your current provider.


1. Move via the domain check

You already own a domain and would like to transfer it to us? You can simply enter your existing domain in our domain check. After the status of your domain has been queried, you can order the domain transfer directly by specifying the AuthCode.


2. Move via the customer center (login required)

You are already one o our customers or you already have a customer account and would like to transfer one of your domains to us? You can do this easily through the domain administration in your customer center. Go first to "Domains" in the menu. Next you go to „Domain-Transfer“. On this page, you can specify your domain and the AuthCode of your domain. After that you can order the transfer via the shopping cart.


Duration of a domaintransfer We will be initiated immediately the order of the domain transfer. If the transfer is not possible due to an active transfer lock or an invalid AuthCode, we will contact you immediately. The duration of a domain transfer varies depending on the domain extension. Most of the time a transfer is completed after 6 days.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at any time.