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DNS Records for Webhosting

Everything about DNS entries for web hosting

The following explains which DNS records you need to create for your domain with our web hosting packages in order to publish your website.

Preparation Before you can create DNS entries for your domain, you need to add your domain to the package in the Plesk interface. This can be done easily through the "Add Domain" button under "Website & Domains" in the Plesk interface.

The Records

To publish a website with your hosting package, the following DNS entries are required (replace domain.tld with your domain). For all records, you will need the IP address of the web hosting. You can find this in the Plesk interface under "Websites & Domains" for your domain. 


Record 1 - Domain without www

Name: domain.tld 

Type: A 

Value: Web hosting IP address


Record 2 - www

Name: www.domain.tld

Type: A 

Value: Web hosting IP address


Record 3 - Wildcard (optional)

Name: *.domain.tld 

Type: A 

Value: Web hosting IP address



Important Note: Changes to DNS entries can take up to 24 hours to propagate. Please be patient after making changes to your DNS entries.