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Ordering a SSL certificate

Dear Clients,


please mind the following information for your order of a SSL-certificate. You can put your data in the additional input field or directly after the payment in the ticket, which will be generated automatically.


We still need a CSR and the administrative e-mail to create your certificate. You can generate the CSR as follows:


1. Recommended method: You can use the following command from the openssl command-line-tool in a Linux console to create a CSR (csr.pem) and private key (privkey.pem). While you are creating the CSR and the private key, please do not enter a password and simply press return.


openssl req -nodes -new -newkey rsa:2048 -sha256 -out csr.pem


You can output the content of the CSR with the command cat csr.pem and after that you send it to us. The contents of the private-key are given with cat privkey.pem . You definitely should not publish the private key, keep it safely. 


2. You can easily generate the CSR on (Note: without password!)


Afterwards you will receive a private key and a CSR. Please make sure to keep the privat key in mind for further steps, like the certificate.


After using one of the methods, please send us the CSR, including the domain and the administrative email in this ticket. The administrative mail address is used to valiadte the ownership of the domain. Please notice, that you can recieve mails with the administraiv mail address. If you can't recieve mails with that address a validation is not possible.


Administrative mails should only look like this and must be mails of the domain for which you have ordered the SSL certificate: admin@, administrator@, postmaster@, webmaster@ or hostmaster@.